A practicing surgeon for three decades, Sherwin Nuland witnessed life and death in every variety. Then he turned to writing, exploring what there is to people beyond just anatomy.

“… the human spirit arises from the physiology of the human body… There is no need to invoke either a higher power or magic. We need only invoke what is in our human cells — the highest power and the greatest magic that has ever awed a wonder-struck observer of its magnificence.”


Sherwin B. Nuland

TED Talks

“[Nuland’s] talk at TED…remains one of the most powerful moments in the conference’s history. He combined brilliant storytelling with remarkable personal candor and vulnerability. He inspired many at the time, and continues to do so today.”

Chris Anderson, TED’s Curator

Sherwin B. Nuland Ted Talks

How electroshock therapy changed me

The extraordinary power of ordinary people: A Meditation on Hope

Ted Med
Has technology changed a physician’s values?


Sherwin Nuland (Shep) was a practicing surgeon for 30 years and treated more than 10,000 patients —then became an author and speaker on topics no smaller than life and death, our minds, our morality, aging and the human spirit.


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