The Nuland Foundation is deeply committed to getting the message out about palliative care. Our work is for everyone.

Photo of To Life! A Gospel Celebration and Community Education Event

General Public

The Nuland Foundation programs for the general public are a celebration of life through song and reflection. The essential message of palliative care is as an extra layer of support to patients and families who are living with serious disease. An expert in the field of palliative medicine explains the role of palliative care for the patient and their families.

We encourage you to watch YouTube clips from the To Life! programs held at Battell Chapel at Yale and The Riverside Church in Manhattan as well as the To Life! In the Time of COVID video that was created to hopefully salve the spirits of those of us who felt isolated and battered by the consequences of COVID. Also, for more information on palliative care, listen to a question and answer session led by Cardinale Smith, MD, PhD, Mount Sinai Health System.

Photo of health care practitioners

Health Care Practitioners

The Nuland Foundation produced a Palliative Medicine CME Program, Why Be Afraid? A part of this program uses theatrical devices to tell the story of how palliative medicine is supportive of curative care in any medical setting with patients living with serious illnesses. Our goal with this programming is to help clinicians who work in other specialties, such as internal medicine, cardiology, surgery, deliver their own primary palliative care.

We encourage you to watch this YouTube video that describes the Why Be Afraid? Program.

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  • Help the public understand—and know to ask for—palliative care when they are diagnosed with a serious illness.
  • Increase awareness among all clinicians who serve seriously ill patients and their families of what palliative medicine can do for curative medicine.
  • Use theatrical forms to create an empathetic experience.
  • Create programming that is replicable in communities throughout the country.

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